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Data-centric & business-minded solutions. We illuminate your business data and make your future brighter.

Who We Are

With years of experience and over 400 happy clients across the globe, Site Lantern is a trusted and accomplished Business Solutions and Data Analytics company. We deliver cost-effective, well-founded data analytics solutions & related services to our customers that match their unique business needs. We help businesses unravel their potential and detect pitfalls hidden in their data and use powerful insights to lead the business to profit and success. 
Avail our wide array of services such as cash automation solutions, cloud-based IoT solutions, data warehousing, retail business analytics and many more to streamline your business operations.

Years of Service
Organisations and counting

In this digital age, it is imperative to make data your primary concern and design your business operations around it. Customers care about data and they respond well to solutions & strategies that originate from concrete data. Site Lantern empowers business owners to discover the full potential of their data and employ it in a way that is most beneficial to the business & community.

What Our Clients And Partners Say

Miles Lazic - CEO Of Floteq Technologies

I came across Site Lantern when I was looking for a platform that provides a feature-rich Portal for IoT devices. The services I received were exceptional; all our customer accounts & existing devices were adapted to the Site Lantern platform in a timely & effective manner. The insights they gave us were monumental in the success of our company & I aspire to continue my association with Site Lantern.

Dave Chambers - CFO Of DC Service Management Consultancy

Site Lantern’s exceptional data analytics solutions & software skills helped us derive powerful insights from our data. Their high-yielding & easy to use data strategies empowered my business by saving time, money, effort & improved customer service.

Site Lantern is the brightest light in business analytics. We illuminate your business data & make your future brighter.

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