Shed light on what your customers are doing right now

  • Lifecycle insights

    Truly understand visitor lifecycles. Know when your customers first arrive at your site, how often they visit, how much they spend and how engaged they were.
  • Workflow analysis

    Produce segmented analysis of website workflows for insight into usage patterns. Investigate customer churn identify non-returning visitors and conversion opportunities.
  • Clear pathways

    Quickly identify key customer paths and areas of interest. Separate flows by customer classification, key transit pages and goals. Discard irrelevant data and hone your perspective.


Track user interactions between your websites and lead capture pages

Identify trends, evaluate campaign goals, analyse referrals and sales in realtime. Run A/B tests and gain a clear picture of ROI. See the big picture by measuring multiple websites and tracking codes on the same portal.


Time is money -
find out what's slowing
you down

Customers expect sites to load quickly on any device. If your site is slow or not loading key components, you need to know who is impacted, in what region, on which device.

SiteLantern displays site performance metrics on a realtime dashboard, highlighting their impact on engagement, page views, abandonment and loss of conversions.

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