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How to Leverage Analytics in E-commerce Web Design

Data Analytics has transformed the e-commerce sector and it is widely used to target more customers and increase sales. Yet, using data analytics solutions to improve e-commerce web design is rather unheard of. Although it may seem that analytics is just extra work and inutile effort, many studies prove that data-driven web development has a direct impact on customer engagement. 

Sales Funnel Optimization
Attracting traffic to your e-commerce site is only half the job done, the real challenge is keeping the visitors engaged and increasing the conversion rates. With advanced data analytic solutions, businesses can spot where the website users tend to stop and leave the e-commerce site. Once the pain points are identified, the web developers can optimize the design of the site in a way that ensures maximum sales funnel.

Funnel analysis is a variant of
data analytic solutions that helps businesses to understand how visitors navigate through various conversion funnel pages on the website. Insights of funnel analysis can help e-commerce businesses to understand how visitors engage with the business at each stage and the right formula to improve it.

As an e-commerce site, your business deals with diverse consumers who have developed a taste for personalized experiences. Data analytic solutions help you to perform customer segmentation based on geolocation, demography, social media insights, and brand interaction. When visitors are provided an interface that plays to their preferences, they are likely to explore the website more and convert. The best example of personalized web design is Netflix. If you compare your Netflix account to someone else’s account, you can observe that the dashboards are unique and different from each other.
Personalized web design improves the convenience for customers and gives them the satisfaction that what they see on your website or app is highly relevant to them.

Home Page Revamp
The design of an e-commerce site’s Homepage should be impeccable and appealing as it is a strategic point to make a compelling first impression. It is the place to impress and acquire newcomers by showcasing the right information, brands and promotions. You should neither flood the Homepage with too much information nor should it be inadequate. Then how can you decide what to display and how much to convey on the Homepage of an e-commerce site? Data analytic solutions can gauge the customer data and reveal the products and offers that are relevant to your target audience. It even tells you what color, font, pictures and call-to-actions work best for your customers.

Improved Navigation
An efficient e-commerce web design should allow users to find the products and necessary information easily. By leveraging data analytic solutions, web designers can enable intuitive navigation on e-commerce sites. The users should be able to roam around the e-commerce site, access products, reviews, details and the cart easily without any limitations. Customer interaction data can even reveal the optimum position for menus, cart icons, search bars, etc which can prompt customer action and conversion. Follow this link to read more about website navigation and strategies to improve it.

Data analytics can help you discover powerful insights from the e-commerce metrics which can pave the way for impactful, data-driven decision making. Even some actions as simple as changing the position of the cart icon can make an advantageous impact on the performance of e-commerce websites. Are you looking for a data expert to find valuable insights from your business data? Then head over to our website, glance through our solutions and find the ideal data analytic solution for your business.

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