IoT Platform .

“The noblest pleasure
is the joy
of understanding”

 - Leonardo Da Vinci, 16th Century Polymath

The problem at a glance

How can you harness data from IoT devices to grow your business? 

The Profile

With the rise of smartphones and the internet, the amount of data available for businesses to leverage has vastly increased. The advent of IoT technology offers a deluge of data and even more advantages than there already is. The presence of whopping data calls for advanced analytics platforms, complex analytics tools and ingenious expertise. Business owners often misapprehend the concept of IoT solutions, thinking that it starts and ends with installing high-end IoT devices at the business outlets. But there is more to garnering the full potential of IoT technology; when harnessed the right way, the findings can lead to staggering insights.

The Challenge

Refining the data amassed from IoT devices is a lot easier said than being done. Even if you manage to find an IoT device that comes with data analytics software and dashboard services; they are likely to be rudimentary, cursory and impractical. The IoT manufacturers habitually focus their innovation and efforts on the device rather than the analytics. The inventiveness of reporting and analytics takes a back seat and what you are offered is usually a state-of-the-art IoT device with mediocre analytics tools, dashboards and charts. 

The tool provided for analytics by IoT manufacturers is found to be basic and it doesn’t integrate with other systems. 
To add to your woes, these aforementioned IoT devices may come with vendor lock-in, resulting in limiting your possibilities and compromising security. 

The Solution

If you search for an IoT manufacturer that proffers exceptional IoT devices with stellar data services, you are likely to be disappointed. Site Lantern services are specially designed to put an end to your predicament by addressing the challenges of IoT solutions 
We provide an easy to plug-and-play platform that is compatible with a wide range of IoT devices. 

Site Lantern IoT solutions work with diverse wireless technologies and networks such as LoRaWAN or SigFox or NB-IoT. We provide an array of integration options for multiple devices systems so that the possibilities of your business are widened. 

Our meritorious IoT solution is equipped to overcome the impediment of vendor lock-in, allowing you to mix and match devices from different manufacturers. Our services give you the freedom and flexibility to choose the right IoT device and manufacturer that suits your business the best. 
To put it briefly, entrust your IoT analytics to us and ensure that your IoT devices and analytics run like a well-oiled machine.  

The Result

Site Lantern IoT platform and IoT solutions will enable you to generate real-time insights from the additional data piled up by the IoT devices.  Our IoT solution is equipped to process large volumes of data, decoding a wide range of formats and types. The IoT sensors when combined with predictive analytics will notify when the physical components are prone to fail in advance, allowing you to take rectification measures before the disruption. 
We broaden the scope of your IoT data by rendering:

  • Rich data analytics platform 
  • Easy to use, self-service reporting and dashboards 
  • Integrate with other systems and consolidate your data
  • Reconcile data
  • Automate actions
  • Centrally configure all devices, regardless of vendor  
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