Prepare Your Draught Beer Business for Post COVID-19 Boom with Data Analytics 2

Prepare Your Draught Beer Business for Post COVID-19 Boom with Data Analytics

COVID-19 restrictions are getting eased up and the Draught beer businesses and event venues are slowly returning to doing business in full swing. As the world is inching towards normalcy, a business boom is predicted to transpire in the near future. At this crucial juncture, the future and mileage of draught beer businesses greatly depend on how they are prepared in advance for the post COVID-19 boom. If you are under the misconception that you can fix up your business once the profit comes in, you would end up squandering this exceptional window of opportunity. Read on to know how to warm up your business to the post COVID-19 boom and how to reap its benefits. 

Smart Cleaning 
One of the very first steps in ensuring the quality and taste of the beer is to clean the storage and delivery infrastructure as thoroughly as possible. Maintaining the beer lines, coupler, faucets, coolers, FOBs, etc. to be squeaky clean could be an arduous task. The frequency of cleaning may vary according to the systems and equipment which necessarily means that services of cleaning staff would be required daily. Skim through this article by Forbes to know how the cleanliness of equipment affects the taste of the beer. 

With IoT devices that are backed by data management solutions, cleaning can be made a stress-free and systematic process. For instance, historical and real-time cleaning data can help you track and control the residue build up. 

Evaluate Your Inventory 
When you are bracing for a post COVID-19 business boom, you are getting a chance to clear out your existing stocks. Manually analyzing the quality and quantity of your inventory could be time-consuming and inaccurate. The IoT solutions linked to your draught beer system and the data it garners can lead to powerful insights in terms of your inventory management. It can enlighten the ideal way to utilize your inventory with info about the good stock in your inventory, what you need to restock to keep up with the demand, what equipment needs maintenance or replacement etc. 

Make Your Operations Digital 
The occurrence of COVID-19 has made business operations more digital and remote. Traditionally draught beer business demands in-person inspection and high, manual maintenance. The cloud-based IoT solutions, advanced data analytics services and related widgets such as dashboards enable digitalization of the draught beer business. With all the data and controls of draught beer such as quantity, quality and other statuses in your phone, you can maintain your business remotely and instantly. The data analytics solutions incorporate your business’s monitoring and delivery system into a fully connected digital ecosystem where all the metrics are visible, trackable and manageable. 
Make Every Pour Count 
It is a fact that every manual pour of draught beer is wasted as over pour or poor pour. Every wasted pour adds up and it could poke a big hole in your profit. When dispensed traditionally, the draught beer tends to taste different every time and it can compromise the intended experience for the end-user. To add to the woes, every beer brand demands unique prerequisites to store and deliver their product. Simply put, a lot of effort has to be taken to ensure that every pour is perfect and piquant. IoT devices and data management solutions take all these disadvantages out of the picture in one step. Site Lantern partners with Floteq technologies to install top-notch IoT devices at your bar, pub or event venue. With faultless equipment at your business premises and flawless data management solutions from our end, your draught beer sales is bound to take off. Know more about Site Lantern’s draught beer analytics solutions and discern how we can streamline your draught beer business operations. 
It is safe to assume that COVID-19 and associated lockdowns and travel bans have impacted the draught beer businesses to some extent. To pull round from the economic impact of the pandemic and make up for the dry spell, you need the advantages of data analytics solutions to speed up your process of recovery and to propel your growth. Take your first step in upgrading your draught beer business by reading more about our IoT solutions and data management solutions.

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