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“The noblest pleasure
is the joy
of understanding”

 - Leonardo Da Vinci, 16th Century Polymath

The problem at a glance

How can you deliver service reporting efficiently and use it to get more sales and growth?

The Profile

Telecom companies with the ability to forge flawless customer service channels and deliver outstanding quality of service are bound to stay way ahead of their competition. Things have come to a point where personalized customer service matters as much as providing a glitch-free network. The modern customer world is instantaneous, well-connected and extremely convenient which in turn makes exceptional service reporting a necessity. 

 Contemporary telecommunications companies are required to engender a set of voice, broadband and data services using wireless and wired infrastructure of networks, services, computers, cables and satellites. The internet, orbiting satellites, fibre optics and many associated electronics are deployed by telecom companies to deliver seamless communication channels. 

When telecom companies render subscription-based services, a new set of challenges arise. When a customer subscribes to a product, the Telecom companies will capture the order in their CRM system and then execute the fulfilment of the Product via their Order Management System. This is ideally automated, but sometimes requires the physical deployment of equipment.  Telecom companies typically make use of a series of internally developed manual processes and tools to provide the Customer access to their Service Reporting. This is not only costly, but also prone to human errors and demands ongoing support.

The Challenge

  • Service reporting is an expensive enterprise; it requires telecom companies to invest in exorbitant reporting tools that are also costly to implement and maintain. 
  • Service reporting is a manual process that requires the Telecom companies to manually provision the reporting portal for the customer, create customer user accounts, map services to network resources, services to products. It also increases the possibility of errors while the data is re-entered and updated continuously. 
  • Reporting tools are limited in functionality as they don’t provide the end customer with self-service reporting capability, which leads to extra support costs for the telecom companies.  
  • Reporting tools are not inherently multi-tenanted, incurring more expense to your business; even if you manage to provide the multi-tenancy feature to your conventional service reporting, it ends up being inflexible and unyielding. 
  • Furthermore, traditional service reporting tends to be time-consuming; pouring crucial time, talent and resources down the drain. 

The Solution

Site Lantern’s groundbreaking service reporting builds on your existing reporting capabilities by integrating with your Network Management Tools and your Service Management tools such as ServiceNow. We proffer a multi-tier application that runs on its own infrastructure, enabling multiple personnel or teams to develop it without affecting the other tiers. 

Our advanced reporting services present your front-end web server to the users in DMZ form. This separates the application from database elements, providing a user-friendly interface along with protecting crucial data from untrusted networks. 

Our services are integrated with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for user authentication and authorisation; it entails a central location for user validation, ensuring an effortless passageway to your customers. 
To minimise manual provisioning and maintenance efforts, Site Lantern is configured to integrate with a variety of telecom NMS tools. Our service reporting tools can pull performance metrics data from your chosen NMS tool, in near real-time using a variety of method(s) your NMS will support.   

Site Lantern keeps the Service Catalog in the reporting system in-sync by connecting to your CMDB (Configuration Management Database). Our comprehensive strategy will ensure optimal digital services, maintain strapping CMDB capabilities and deliver true business value. In addition, Site Lantern can be used to provide reconciliation reports between various internal systems.   

Service Management Tools such as ServiceNow, groups Network Resources into services provisioned for Telecom customers. This functionality is leveraged by Site Lantern to automatically provision reporting. Our reporting tools will pull service definitions from your Service Management tool (ServiceNow) and automatically create new retailers and customers and associate defined interfaces with default report templates. A default service admin account for this new service will be created and emailed to your service desk account.

The Result

Site Lantern automates your service reporting needs. It provides:  

  • The ability for your resellers to access a Reporting Portal to review the performance of the products and services they purchase from Telecom for reselling to their customers. 
  • The ability to direct (corporate) customers to access a Reporting Portal to review the performance of the products and services they purchase from you (the Telco) 
  • Integration with your NMS and Service Management Tools for a fully automated solution.  
  • Our ingenious dashboards will let you dive deep into your customer data and track their day-to-day activities, enlightening you about service requirements, key performance metrics and much more.  

Customer service data is pivotal in deciding the performance and fate of any modern business, regardless of its sector or industry. When it comes to telecom companies, relying on information furnished on weekly, monthly or annual reports to frame significant business strategies and decisions may impede the organisation’s growth. What you need is expert service reporting assistance to map out your customer response, segment your customers, create profiles, fragment your reports based on the end-user and more. 

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