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Is the data real time?


Is my data safe?

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store your data in highly secured AWS data centres. Your data is also segmented and only accessible via an SSL connection.

When should I start seeing data on the dashboard?

Once you have loaded the javascript, you will start seeing data anywhere from 3-15 minutes.

Will Site Lantern affect data tracked by other software installed on my site?


Are secure (SSL/https) pages tracked?

Yes. The tracking script will automatically detect and match the protocol used for your page, therefore requiring no further configuration.

What other services/applications can I track with Site Lantern?

Site Lantern is a generic analytics platform that can also report on any other transactional data.

Site Lantern has been successfully implemented across several other applications to monitor IP network performance data, Wi-Fi, and point-of-sale transactional data from cash machines.

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Do you accept any payment methods other than PayPal?

We currently only accept payment through PayPal.  However, PayPal does accept all major credit cards.

Can I transfer my subscription to another website/domain?

Yes – simply remove the javascript code from the current website it is on, and add it to the new website you want to track.

Can I track multiple websites with 1 subscription?

Yes – A single SiteLantern subscription can be used to track multiple websites.  Simply add the javascript code onto all the websites you wish to track.

What browser should I use to access the Site Lantern portal?

The Site Lantern reporting portal renders best on all HTML5 and javascript-enabled browsers (IE 10+, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

Can I access the portal from my tablet or mobile device?

Yes, https://portal.sitelantern.com is accessible from mobile and tablet devices.

Will Site Lantern still log data if a person viewing my website doesn’t have JavaScript or if their JavaScript is disabled?


What happens to my website / data if Site Lantern has an outage?

If Site Lantern has a planned or unplanned outage, there will be no impact to your website.  Our data collection is also centralized, low impact, and highly scalable, so your data will continue to be collected – i.e., there will be no data lost.  Once services have been restored, you will be able to see all your data in your dashboard.

Will Site Lantern show ads on my site?