Telecommunications Service Analytics


Site Lantern offers a multi-tenanted service reporting solution that Telecommunications companies can use to provide reports and dashboards to their wholesale customers and their direct retail customers. Site Lantern enables you to completely automate your service reporting.  Our streamlined custom reports and dashboards instantly render user-friendly statements  for your customers, making your business more accessible and transparent. Our configurable data analytics solution and business intelligence empower managers to garner reports according to their evolving needs instantly and efficiently. Our stellar data visualizations allow you to customize and reorganize reports flexibly. The dashboards are enabled with a handy drag-and-drop feature that can easily group segments of information, filter through and derive clutter-free data and insights on the go.

We empower telecommunications companies to wield the power of big data and provide telecom service reporting solutions to their wholesale (Business to Business to Customer) and retail customers (Business to Business):

Integrates with your CRM system and collects what products have been purchased by which customers

Automatically creates the user accounts for customers for Dashboard access and emails the customer with login details

Automatically maps the Products, from the CRM system, with the Services in the Service Management system

Maps the Service to Network Resource relationships from the Network Management system

Automatically collects the relevant metrics from the Network Performance & Availability Management systems and makes self-service reporting dashboards available to the end customers

We are also equipped to manage all your IoT cloud-based services and public IoT devices comprehensively. Site Lantern is the platform that connects not only devices and assets, but also network, data and your IoT business.

Additionally, Site Lantern allows you to:

Gather and process data collected from a network, IoT device, application and other data sources in real-time with data integration

Combine near-real-time data with historical data to see trends.

Analyse how your services are being utilized

Track performance of your network

Augment network performance

Reduce inefficiencies in your network

Provide value to sales with insights on how customers are consuming their services, which services need upgrading

Provide customers with the highest quality of service by offering easy to manage SLA levels

Discover which devices are generating issues, reveal patterns and trends, report and analyze anomalies, drill down within user dashboards to see all details on a given service

Raise alarms and notify customers for enhanced customer experience

Have a problem that needs to be solved? Get in touch with us and we will help you unshackle your business with Site Lantern - It's no ordinary analytics platform

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