How is Sports Analytics Changing the Game

The Rise of Sports Analytics

In the last decade, data analytics solutions have taken over and revolutionized every industry for its own good. Even though the sports sector is an emotion for everyone, it is an industry where billions of dollars are involved and strategic, data-driven decisions can make a major difference. Read on to know how data analytics can be a game-changer for the sports sector. 

The Beginning
American professional baseball team Oakland Athletics was the first sports organization to employ data analytics solutions to improve their game plan. The team’s general manager Billy Beane utilized Sabermetrics, an advanced data analytics method and analyzed the scenarios and playing style that helped them score more runs. With this new method, Beane formed the theory that the team with a high on-base percentage had more chances of winning. He traded players that did not fit his system and drafted players that suited his strategy. The strategy proved to be successful, and the team went on to a winning streak. This immediately made other Major League Baseball teams (MLB) adopt data-backed decision making which was later embraced by other sports teams as well. 

Insight-driven Sporting
Sports Analytics involves applying data analytic solutions to analyze and evaluate numerous factors of sports events from player performance to fan experience and more. 

Data analytics solutions allow sports teams to generate hyper-personalized matchups of their players with the players of opposite teams and create strategies that are likely to bring a favorable outcome from every match. Machine learning and tracking software can be used to break down video footage of past games and the statistical data generated can help teams to optimize their game style. 

For a sports team, buying the best player in the world does not ensure success if that particular player is not compatible with the playing style of the team. Sports Analytics allows teams to evaluate potential players and ensure that the player they are eyeing to buy is the best fit for their team. Follow this link to read about the impact Data Analytics solutions have made in Football.

Off the Field
Sports Analytics enhances the prospects of games off the field as well. Data analytics solutions for sports can improve the overall viewing experience for the fans. For example, sports commentaries used to be more about the commentators educating viewers withs facts and stats during the game. Sports Analytics has helped organizers and broadcasters to design their commentary in a way that is more compelling and entertaining for the fans. It even helps broadcasters to design camera movements and angles that help fans viewing via Television or streaming service to enjoy the match better. 

Organizers can even utilize data from sporting venues such as cameras and IoT devices to augment the viewing experience of spectators and increase ticket sales. 

With sports becoming more popular, advanced, and competitive, data analytics solutions have become indispensable to make it profitable. Do you own a sports or event venue? Are you looking for ways to attract more spectators and drive more profit to your business? Make a move to our website and look through our futuristic data analytic solutions and IoT solutions that can transform your business.

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