Use Cases

Cash Automation

Cash management can become a laborious proposition for retail businesses. You require dedicated staff that has to be on their toes to initiate cash transactions, perform controls, process, count, recount, tally and more. Even with the advent of digital payments and other technological advancements, cash remains the king of the retail business. When keeping a manual cash handling system afloat is poking a big hole in your budget, it might seem that forsaking cash altogether is the solution. 

That’s when cash automation becomes the impeccable solution for you. Cash automation solutions let your business continue accepting cash without incurring a loss; it stamps out all the disadvantages of manual cash handling and optimizes your business operations in effect. 

Site Lantern Cash Automation solutions are up-to-the-minute, multi-tenant, flexible and it comes bundled with services of top-tier cash automation equipment manufacturers. Read more about the utility of our exemplary cash automation solutions. 

Retail Analytics

It is no secret that the key factor in the success of any retail business is a data-centric approach. Every retail business will be in possession of humungous data in the form of historic as well as real-time data, which when mined leads to powerful insights. But it does not stop with garnering raw data. In order to render the data functional and beneficial, the right and thoroughgoing analytics has to be applied to it. Site Lantern data solutions are capable of taking over the data repository of your business and de-cluttering it into an intuitive dashboard. What we offer is a bird’s-eye-view of your business, highlighting the strengths and shortcomings, predicting business scenarios, better understanding of customer behavior and much more. Read on to comprehend our retail analytics from top to bottom and discern what Site Lantern can do to elevate and upgrade your retail business.   

IoT Solutions

It stands to reason that implementing IoT solutions is the ideal way to render a data-driven transformation to your business, irrespective of its size or type. Site Lantern IoT solutions focus on harnessing large amounts of real-time data from IoT devices and turning it into crucial business insights and big-time business value. Our cloud-based IoT solutions help businesses to install the right IoT infrastructure and cognize the sensor data by analyzing and visualizing it.  Our solutions are adept at perusing a continuous stream of time series data, unstructured and structured data gathered by connected devices, enabling analysis of historical data as well as proffering predictive analysis. 

Our IoT solutions can drill down your business’ sensor data like a hot knife through butter, enabling improved decision making, circumstantial awareness of systems and equipment, optimization of resources, prescriptive, predictive and proactive usage of data and lowered costs associated with data management.  Know more about IoT solutions and their limitless possibilities. 

Service Reporting

A modern telecom user cannot be satiated with a good network and reasonable rates alone. To stay ahead of your contemporaries in this highly competitive sector, you need to set your telecom business up for success with expeditious, convenient and customized service reporting. Site Lantern’s superlative service reporting is equipped to deliver the best version of your services customized according to the customer and enlighten them with a unified cognizance of the network. We help telecom businesses to elevate the customer experience and enhance operations by streamlining service reporting. 

We aid you in proffering world-class solutions and seamless experience to your customers by consolidating the data from multiple silos to a single view and replacing disparate tools and manual processes with data-driven reporting. Learn more about our service reporting solutions and discern how we deliver a unified platform that can aid your business in reaching customers more effectively and congenially. 

Draught Beer

Blending the beer business with the multifarious advantages of data analytics and IoT solutions is assured to be a tasty affair. Site Lantern’s draft beer solution supports breweries, hospitality businesses and event venues to efficiently administer their beer operations, improve their quality of service and eventually increase their sales and profit. Site Lantern joins forces with Floteq technologies to provide end-to-end technical and data solutions at business venues to install infallible Internet of Beer (IoB) ecosystem. Our solutions standardize the consistent quality of beer, initiate real-time tracking of draft beer quantity, improve hygiene requirements and eliminate beer wastage. 

Our cloud-based IoT solutions are rendered more methodical and user-friendly with premium dashboard features. From sustaining ideal temperatures to maintaining liquid flow; from providing timely notifications to gainful predictions, Site Lantern draft beer services are guaranteed to revamp your hospitality business. Read more about our groundbreaking solutions and their applications.

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