Draught Beer .

“The noblest pleasure
is the joy
of understanding”

 - Leonardo Da Vinci, 16th Century Polymath

The problem at a glance

How can you increase your event venue revenue by optimising draught beer sales? 

The Profile

When you are hosting a party with a keg of beer, you can shake it to determine whether the stock needs to be replenished. This logic is enough to run a small party, but when you apply it to your business, you will end up pouring your profit down the drain.  

 While it may seem convenient to stick to the traditional methods in delivering draught beer, the benefits you can garner by adapting to data management solutions are innumerable. 

 Draught beer Sales account for 60% of all revenue in pubs, clubs and sporting venues. If you are striving to steer your business to success, you should employ IoT solutions and data services in delivering your draught beer. According to studies, board venues incur a loss of 3-8% as a result of improper management and lack of innovation. In order to avoid wastage and to deliver the consistent taste of beer, data analytics and subsequent technology are indispensable for you. 

The Challenge

Draught Beer is proven to be better tasting than canned or bottled beer, owing to its varied carbonation level. Yet, every serving of draught beer tends to taste different than the previous serving when it is spouted traditionally. Furthermore, poor pour or over pour leads to every 5th beer being wasted on average 

For draught beer businesses, maintaining the taste of the beer, avoiding wastage and keeping track of the inventory manually is a daunting task. When you pour beer that tastes erratic every time, it could adversely affect the brand integrity and consistency. 

Every beer variety needs its own specific requirement in the way they are served so that the end-user gets the intended taste and experience. At venues, you seldom have control of how the beer varieties are dispensed, compromising the taste of the beer. For premium brands, this can have a detrimental effect on how their brand is perceived and consumed, leading to loss of revenue and declined sales.

The Solution

Like any other business, you can eliminate stumbling blocks of your draught beer business and reap humongous benefits by upgrading it to leverage the tools of data analytics and technology. 

Site Lantern partners with Floteq Technologies to proffer the ideal combination of impeccable data services and exemplary hardware solutions. By installing the Floteq ruggedised devices at your business venues, you can ensure that the quality and quantity of the beer you serve are uncompromised. The beer poured versus beer sold can vary drastically; by probing the exact quantity of beer leaving the keg in real-time, you can optimise your inventory. 

The data accumulated by these high-end devices will be fed into the Site Lantern system, furnishing actionable insights to refine your business. Our customizable dashboard will bestow important data on how to reduce wastage, control stock and keep the brand integrity intact. Our IoT solutions and data services are deeply focused on delivering cost saving ideas for venues and insights to augment brand integrity for breweries.

The Result

The world is gearing up for a post-COVID business boom and the draught beer industry is one of the businesses that is expected to rebound to its former glory. If you fail to upgrade your business to the new technology, you will miss out on greater advantages and growth. 

Here is a success story of a client who opted for Site Lantern data management solutions. Our data service and IoT solutions were hired by a business that operates a major stadium in Sydney.  The business used to serve 500-600 Kegs for every large event they organized. With our data management solutions, the business was able to discern that 50 kegs were lost due to wastage during large events, which translates to an annual loss of $675,000. By deploying our data system and IoT solutions, they were able to reduce the loss by 60% saving $400K annually.  

Besides, the saved beer paves the way to an additional $900K of revenue as it is being sold rather than getting wasted. 

Diligent monitoring of the industry and constant probing of customer feedback have helped us to recognize the key factors that are going to drive sales. Post COVID, cost control will be the utmost priority to stabilise the hospitality and entertainment industry. Incidentally, we excel in monitoring and controlling these foregoing behaviors that lead to wastage and inferior product quality.

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