Public Sector


With the use of public IoT devices and big data, Site Lantern, along with our partners, has competently provided solutions around planning and public safety for city councils and local governments. By aligning public services with the Site Lantern data integration system, the authorities are endowed to be more productive and more sustainable, bringing down the operational costs, upgrading public safety and improving citizen partnership. The data analytics solutions that we provide are capable of garnering, analysing, and managing data in real-time to support local government, municipalities, local businesses and citizens to form informed decisions that improve the quality of life and standards of the society. 

Site Lantern works with leading IoT platforms and companies to install the finest devices in the community, ushering excellence in the way public services are conducted and improving energy distributions, decreasing traffic congestion, elevating air quality, streamlining waste collection, improving public safety and much more. 

Our data analytics service is augmented by predictive analysis and artificial intelligence and it can aid-in advanced public solutions such as smart waste removal and smart parking. Site Lantern is vendor agnostic, which allows us to customize our data analytics solutions in-sync with the existing data infrastructure of any organization. This unique feature of our data integration unlocks your investments and thereby allows you to address existing needs and any future needs as the landscape of providers and vendors changes.

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