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If you own a retail business, you own stacks of dynamic data. Your retail data can do you no good in its crude form, but it can lead to critical insights and advantageous action when it is intervened with effectual data tools and solutions. At Site Lantern, we help our clients unleash advanced analytics on rich data to turn customer insights into retail excellence. 

To keep up with the technological evolution and stay ahead of the competition, business owners have endless options for technology platforms that can streamline and help scale up their business 

Most retailers depend on software alone to improve their retail operations, but they often end up making misguided choices. Site Lantern is designed specifically for the retail business to help remove the complexity that often comes with most software platforms.  Our retail business intelligence, along with cloud-based IoT solutions aids you in capturing necessary information pertaining to customer trends, inventory flow, operations, suppliers, employees and much more. 

Hospitality and Gaming

In the recent past, technology has been ramped up within the hospitality industry. With self-check-ins, contactless service, online ordering and payment via apps becoming the new norm, it has become increasingly easier for hospitality and gaming businesses to garner powerful data. Site Lantern is the platform that can enable a lot of these functions and integrations into the Property Management Systems. We partner with top-notch equipment providers to install public IoT devices that can assist your operations and churn out potent data into our systems. We can integrate the systems as well as provide end-to-end reporting and management of your property from a single Dashboard.   

We aid venue owners and event planners to leverage big data to engender a better experience and highly personalized events to their customers. 


The banking industry has undergone a paradigm shift owing to technological advancements, intense competition, changing business models, shift in customer interactions and altering regulatory environment. 

For banks, ATMs and cash machines are now integral consumer touchpoints and the data rendered by these devices are highly crucial. Site Lantern banking analytics services help you capitalize on the data accumulated by the banking devices and render a competitive advantage for your business. 

We provide a compelling platform for retail banks that can consolidate their cash machine monitoring and reporting across multiple vendors. With easy integration options and cloud-based IoT solutions, reporting on cash can be automated and reconciled. 


Proffering a clutter-free portal to your customers can benefit your telecommunications business in a large way. Yet providing service reporting solutions to your end users can be challenging as the development and management of your own customer portals is often costly and time-consuming. Switch to Site Lantern services and take this arduous task off your hands. Site Lantern is a flexible multi-tenant platform that can make service reporting a breeze. Our platform unifies your business’ various touchpoints and merges them into a unique, single, cohesive environment. We create a user-friendly, thoroughgoing platform for your users, allowing them to manage different aspects of their accounts effectively. 

 Site Lantern offers the right combination of features to appeal to new telecom users and also to ensure customer retention. We provide service reports to your wholesalers, business customers and consumers with white-labeling options, delivered with convenience, simplicity and responsiveness. 

Public Sector

An initiative or a decision is righteous and beneficial when it is based on scientific, systemic and reliable data. By embedding the insights of data analytics in policy making and operations, the public sector can showcase improved and effective governance. 

Site Lantern allows you to consolidate data from multiple public IoT devices and other sources with ease to gain insights and manage assets, resources and services efficiently. In return, this data can be used to derive solutions and policies which would improve the operations across a city. Site Lantern data services are equipped with software and widgets that are capable of garnering real-time data through devices installed at public organizations along with assets, websites, social media, public IoT devices and more. Our unparalleled data services can be applied in traffic and transportation systems, power plants, utilities, water supply networks, waste management, crime detection, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, IoT security and safety applications and other community services.  We offer multi-faceted, wide-ranging data solutions coupled with interactive dashboards and widgets on a single data platform. 

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