Retail Analytics Solutions

The retail industry is evolving at a rapid pace and business owners often struggle to keep up with changes in industry trends and customer demands. Even so, retail businesses squander the power of big data that they have at their disposal and lose the tremendous advantages that are associated with it. By adopting data analytics in the retail industry, business owners can easily keep up with the dynamic business landscape and enjoy the added benefits of automated cash replenishments, real-time cash reconciliation, predictive analytics and many more

Retail business owners are often consumed by managing the day-to-day operations that they have limited time and energy left to make strategic decisions that could improve the retail performance and grow their business. Site Lantern’s impeccable retail analytics reports help business owners to upgrade from guesswork and intuition to business intelligence and efficacious insights. Our retail analytics solutions condense vast quantities of data and draw crucial insights easily, relieving you to focus on critical operations that require undivided attention.

Real-time cash reporting is another demanding exercise that comes with retail business management and Site Lantern’s Cash Automation feature is designed to eliminate the limitations of manual cash management. Site Lantern’s Cash Automation features allows you to reduce the cost of managing cash, saves you time managing cash in your stores and this time savings can be put towards converting the store traffic efficiently.


Optimise Cash Levels

  • Real-time cash reporting, by denomination, terminal, cashier, work unit, store, region, location
  • Cash automation solution in conjunction with your CIT (Cash in Transit) providers and/or banking providers
  • Enable provisional cash deposits
  • Automated cash replenishments in conjunction with your CIT providers
  • Real-time cash reconciliation (expected cashier cash deposits vs expected cash deposits)
  • POS reconciliation
  • Reduce cash leakage

Optimise Product Placements

  • IoT feeds
  • Camera feeds
  • Foot traffic (hotspots)

Optimise Shelf Space

  • IoT feeds
  • Camera feeds

Optimise Rostering & Staff Levels

  • People counting
  • Transaction reporting
  • Checkout queue length monitoring

Optimise Product Range

  • POS integration

Manage Your Petty Cash

  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Provide QR code-based cash redemption & deposits with full traceability and reporting
  • Reduce cash leakage

Integrate With Other Systems & Automate

  • Integrate with payroll for easy cash payments to staff
  • Integrate with accounting system for easy supplier cash payments and tracking
  • Integrate multiple systems for easy reconciliation for daily banking and other reporting requirements

Manage Multiple Stores From Single Interface

  • Get detailed reports on your device, at your home or head office or anywhere with Internet connection
  • Report by store, by region, by department

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