Retail Analytics Solutions


The retail industry continues to transform at a rapid pace. Retail store managers are very busy in day-to-day operations. On top of their daily operational workload, they are making strategic decisions that will help them maintain and grow their business. Site Lantern provides insights, solutions & data analytics in retail industry for store managers to:


Optimise Cash Levels

  • Real-time cash reporting, by denomination
  • Cash automation solution in conjunction with your CIT (Cash in Transit) providers and/or banking providers
  • Provisional cash deposits
  • Automated cash replenishments in conjunction with your CIT providers
  • Real-time Cash reconciliation (expected cashier cash deposits vs expected cash deposits)
  • POS reconciliation
  • Reduce cash leakage

Optimise Product Placements

  • IoT feeds
  • Camera feeds
  • Foot traffic (hotspots)

Optimise Shelf Space

  • IoT feeds
  • Camera feeds

Optimise Rostering & Staff Levels

  • People counting
  • Transaction reporting
  • Checkout queue length monitoring

Optimise Product Range

  • POS integration

Manage Your Petty Cash

  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Provide QR code-based cash redemption & deposits with full traceability and reporting
  • Reduce cash leakage

Integrate With Other Systems & Automate

  • Integrate with payroll for easy cash payments to staff
  • Integrate with accounting system for easy supplier cash payments and tracking
  • Integrate multiple systems for easy reconciliation for daily banking and other reporting requirements

Manage Multiple Stores From Single Interface

  • Get detailed reports on your device, at your home or head office or anywhere with Internet connection
  • Report by store, by region, by department

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