Retail Banking Solutions


Retail banking has been optimising their branch operations for over a decade. The number of new branch closures have been outnumbered by branch closures. With continual shifts in retail banking branch operations, any optimisations in branch operations and improvements in customer service through automation is highly desirable. In conjunction with our banking partners, Site Lantern offers a range of solutions to help bring down the time bank branches need to be staffed after closing time. Site Lantern becomes your ultimate digital banking solution and provides the engine for automation. Not just an ordinary analytics platform, Site Lantern can be customised to offer a range of solutions in the retail banking industry.

Our Services


Reduce the time taken to reconcile self-deposit transactions with backend systems.

Implement vendor egoistic cash automation solutions


Increase in-branch transaction volumes with customer self-service solutions powered by Site Lantern

Integrate with CIT systems


Optimise cash levels in cash dispensing machines

Reconcile cash deposit machine transactions with core banking platforms


Monitor cash machines

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