Retail Banking Solutions


As the consumers are benefitting from the implementation of data analytics solutions in nearly every aspect of their lives, the retail banking businesses cannot turn away from tailoring their services to the customers’ specific and capricious needs. Incidentally, with a continual shift in retail banking branch operations, any optimisations in branch operations and improvements in customer service through automation are highly desirable. In conjunction with our banking partners, Site Lantern offers a range of digital banking and business intelligence solutions to help bring down the time bank branches need to be staffed after closing time.

By putting considerable organizational and strategic muscle into advanced market research and predictive analytics, banks can transform unrefined data into pivotal insights and profitable decisions. Our futuristic retail analytics reports and other big data tools can peruse through your business’ data to identify customer characteristics, key demographics, transaction trends, risk factors and opportunities. Apart from vastly improved decision making, our data services can augment your customer due diligence, fraud detection and transparency, resulting in improved operational efficiency, development of unified customer view and creation of omni-channel customer experience. For instance, we help you collect data from your public IoT devices and POS system integrations such as ATMs, which could aid you in meeting new customer demands, restrict high cost of operations, and act in accordance with changing regulations.

Site Lantern services can be customised to offer a range of solutions in the retail banking industry.

Our Services


Reduce the time taken to reconcile self-deposit transactions with backend systems.

Implement vendor egoistic cash automation solutions


Increase in-branch transaction volumes with customer self-service solutions powered by Site Lantern

Integrate with CIT systems


Optimise cash levels in cash dispensing machines

Reconcile cash deposit machine transactions with core banking platforms


Monitor cash machines

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