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The hospitality and entertainment industry has been subject to technological advancements and continuous evolution. Entertainment venues, from casinos to sports stadiums, have more employee and customer touchpoints that are electronically linked, resulting in high-scale data generation. The absence of data management renders these industries to be rich in data but poor in insights.
Site Lantern works closely with forward-thinking hospitality and entertainment venue operators in helping set trends so they can ensure their own business stays competitive and relevant.  Our data analytics services leverage IoT solutions, audience profiling, mobile analytics, social media behavior, predictive analytics and pioneering technologies to ensure personalized engagement and retention, inside and outside your entertainment venues. We are equipped to help entertainment companies, major sports teams, gaming venues and theater promoters to identify their target audience, validate their sponsorship value and increase their fan base.
We rely on conventional and time-tested data integration practices and solutions when the situation demands but we never hesitate to break norms and provide trailblazing solutions to meet every business owner’s need in the dynamic environment of hospitality industry. Our data analytics solutions and cash automation services optimize your business’ real-time cash reconciliation by coupling excellent cash recycling machines with our business intelligence, removing the disadvantages of manual cash counting.  Our big data services improves revenue management, elevates guest experience, improves the efficiency of marketing, ameliorates the accuracy of forecasts and boosts the impact of business development efforts.

Draught beer sales is an area of the hospitality industry where we have ushered in multiple data-driven solutions and predictive analytics strategies that could propel the performance of your business. Similarly, we have revamped the application of data analytics services in multiple aspects of the hospitality business and we excel at customizing them according to your unique business requirement.


Optimise Cash Levels

  • Real-time cash reporting, by denomination
  • Cash automation solution in conjunction with your CIT (Cash in Transit) providers and/or banking providers
  • Provisional cash deposits
  • Automated cash replenishments in conjunction with your CIT providers
  • Real-time Cash reconciliation (expected cashier cash deposits vs expected cash deposits)
  • POS reconciliation
  • Reduce cash leakage

Casual Staff Payment Solution

  • Pay daily in cash, in minutes
  • Fully automated solution with Payroll integration
  • Self-service pay redemption

Automated self-check-in and self-check-out solution with integration into Property Management System

Guest cash payment system, using self-service Kiosks, with full integrations into backend systems


Optimise Operations, Staffing & Service

  • IoT feeds
  • Camera feeds
  • Foot traffic (hotspots)

Provide Petty-Cash Solution For Airline Staff

  • QR code-based solution
  • Easy redemption of petty cash by airline staff
  • Integration into backend systems and live reporting
  • Reduce cash leakage

Optimise Rostering & Staff Levels

  • People counting
  • Transaction reporting

Integrate With Other Systems & Automate

Integrate multiple systems for easy reconciliation for daily banking and other reporting requirements


Manage Multiple Properties From Single Interface

  • Get detailed reports on your device, at your home or head office or anywhere with Internet connection
  • Report by property, by region, by brand

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