Drive More Leads and Sales with Data-driven PPC

Drive More Leads and Sales with Data-Driven PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most reliable and established forms of digital marketing that drives more traffic and leads for businesses. It is said that 65% of all internet searches that involve high-intent keywords end with someone clicking on a PPC ad. The success of every PPC campaign depends on a business’s ability to decipher its data, therefore, data analytic solutions will help businesses design impactful ads that usher great results. Here are 5 ways that you can optimize your PPC campaign with data integration and business intelligence.

1.Comprehensive keyword research
The bedrock of any PPC ad campaign is keyword research. Extensive keyword research helps you to identify the maximum number of relevant opportunities and ensures that the highest level of lead generation is attained. Keyword data can be misleading when researched selectively, especially when marketers focus on selective metrics. Data analytic solutions enable marketers to get a comprehensive picture, find relevant and achievable keywords and help your ads to appear whenever a user searches for products/services that you offer. Follow this link to read more about Keyword Analytics.

2.Campaign research
To set your PPC campaign for lead generation, thorough research is required and it starts with consumer research and market research. In order to find powerful insights and craft efficient strategies, relevant and right amounts of data should be amassed. Big data allows businesses to weigh various targeting metrics and work through multiple layers of campaign development. Market research backed by data analytics allows you to have greater control over the campaign, where you can adjust your targeting and budgets on a micro level and optimize the ROI.

3. Develop catchy copies
Like any advertising effort, the lead generation of a PPC campaign boils down to compelling content that prompts users to click. Eye-catching headlines and persuasive copies will help your PPC ads to stand out on the search engine results page. Data analytics solutions will help you incorporate audience insights and social media trends into your campaign and fine-tune your ad content accordingly. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can also enhance content creation that drives organic traffic and customer engagement.

4. Landing page optimization
The PPC campaign effort does not end with lead generation. Campaign designers should ensure that the landing page is attuned to the ad group that is being targeted to elicit a favorable action from the users. The landing page is where your PPC ads are put to test, it is where the users convert or bounce. Data analytics solutions enable accurate evaluation of your landing page, factoring in metrics such as number of landing page views, number of submissions, number of customers, etc. When landing page data is analyzed, its effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses can be gauged and the insights can be used to prioritize the factors that are inspiring favorable responses.

Like any other aspect of business development, Pay Per Click advertising is data-rich where marketers can leverage granular levels of data to target, control and convert audiences that are relevant to a particular business. Do you think your business can benefit from similar data analytics solutions, business intelligence or predictive analytics? Then visit our website where you can discover countless possibilities of data analytics that can make an impact on your business development and sales.

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