Data-driven strategies to Improve Website Performance

Data-Driven Strategies to Optimize your Business Website

Websites are integral to any business. Creating a website is just one part of the present digital world. Every business’s goal is to maximize profit and a well-designed, highly-efficient website plays a crucial role in helping companies to achieve that.
Fortunately, data analytics solutions can be utilized to improve the outlook of the website and ensure that it attracts more customers and successfully convert them.

Links to your advantage
If you have a business website, you would know that SEO is the heart and soul of a website and backlinks matter the most. Data analytics tools help you to find advantageous insights from backlink analysis and reveal what type of links works best for your website. By using relevant outbound, inbound and internal links you can improve the website’s ranking as well as enhance the customer’s website user experience. Backlinks render a convenient flow of information, seamless navigation and ensure the credibility of website content which in turn will prompt the customers to patronize your business. You can also leverage data analytics to decode the navigation structure of the best-ranked website and use it to model your website.

Revamp Social Media Pages
The online space is super-connected and to make sure that you optimally target your audience, you should pay equal attention to your social media presence. Optimization of a business’s social media handles entails tailoring the content to motivate the target audience and making it compelling to prompt a visit to the website.
One of the biggest digital marketing errors that companies make is to blindly follow the trends. Having a strong social media presence does not mean that you need to create accounts on countless social media platforms. The right social media strategy is ‘follow your customer so that they follow you’.
By using the best data analytics solutions business owners can discern what content and marketing strategies resonate with the brand’s audience and revamp the social media handles accordingly.

Compelling Content
A website’s bounce rate is a key metric that needs to be probed to ensure its efficiency. Bounce rate indicates the percentage of single-page sessions on a website; it reveals the number of people who bounce back to your site after a single-page visit. If the website benefits from users visiting multiple pages, a lower bounce rate is ideal and it simply means the content and design of your website are coherent. With data analytic solutions, you can make your website content more compelling and improve its bounce rates. Customers usually type the name of a product or service on the search engine, not the name of a particular brand or business while they are shopping. Therefore, analytics-backed keyword research and content creation will help your website to show up on relevant searches. Follow this link to read more about data-driven content creation and its significance.

Pay attention to popular pages
In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of having a well-designed, content-optimized home page for an e-commerce site.

This tactic is not specific to e-commerce sites, every business should have an appealing homepage to create a long-lasting impression on consumers. If the homepage creates a first impression for your business, other pages urge the customers to linger and convince them to convert; if the homepage receives high quantity visits, other pages receive high-quality visits. Therefore equal effort and focus should be given to the popular pages of your business. Data analytics solutions can be employed to ameliorate every aspect of the webpage, from finding the ideal font size to crafting impeccable content.

When it comes to business development, there is no substitute for an appealing and productive website. An exemplary web presence is a long-term endeavor that ensures high return on investment and business owners should place websites as a top priority when they draw up business plans and strategies.
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